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Acorn Dreams

I will work with the Gourd People to create these Acorn Dreams vessels to be about 4" to 5" tall x 4" wide x 7" to 9" around.  Although they will be small, they will represent the importance of the acorn as food for so many different Native of this Turtle Island. Also reminging us that all we have is from our Mother, the Earth and stressing the reality of the importance of learning how to care for the land where we live. They are great for when you want to gift an original one of a kind item to family, friends or clients.

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  (when shipped to one location), 
( $6.00 or $12.00 Shipping and Handling)


Woodlands Flowers
These four directions flowers show one of the designs of the Woodlands tribes of the Great Lakes area.  The top is a solid space of about 1" of hand stitched seed beads with a leaf and berry design, while the lower hand stitched beading for the flowers also carries the berry design there is one stray leaf for the Mystery.    The hand stitched decoration is executed using the lazy stitch 5 bead style. 12" High x 10" Across and 33" around.

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New Red Hots

With between 16 and 20 individual chilis made from gourds these Red Hots will compliment any kitchen or dining room.   16" High x 8" Across, this piece has a waxed linen string for hanging and several glass beads with shells to add sparkle. 

Although this one pictured is sold, I will create a unique and colorful strand of New Red Hots upon order, specify Red, Orange, Green or Multi-colored  when ordering.

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($12.00 Shipping and Handling)

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